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Here you will find all the information you need about the functions of eStage.


How do I create an event?

Create an event

Fill the form that you can find in footer

Select Type

Choose from the event categories displayed on the page.

Submit Form

Fill in the form fields and click preview to see how it is going to show. If everything is ok click submit.

Approval & publication

If your event requires a ticket, after we receive the submitted form, we will contact you in order to determine the details together.


Live Streaming

Create a Live Streaming

You will receive an invitation to your email with access to the interface.

Technical settings

Along with access to the Live preparation virtual space, you will also receive a detailed document with the technical requirements.


During the preparation of Live, at a predetermined time, it will have ongoing support from one or more eStage members.

Event view

The screening of the event will be completed by the administrators after the completion of the rehearsals.


On Demand Streaming

Create On Demand Streaming

After creating your event you should send the video material in the correct quality.

Technical settings

All technical settings will be made by eStage.


During the event the eStage team will provide ongoing support for the smooth running of the event.

Event view

The screening of the event will be completed by the administrators after the completion of the rehearsals.


e - ticketing

Επιλογές εισιτηρίων

  • Pay per View ticket
  • Subscriptions
  • Gift Ticket
  • Name your Price ticket
  • Donation
  • Sales Analytics
  • Stripe Gateway
  • Support
  • Direct data refresh

Stripe Account is needed


Tickets for each show are available on the event page and the whole process, in just a few seconds, is completed within the page.

Ticket price

The cost of tickets for each show is the choice of the Organizer.

Ticket duration

The duration of the ticket as well as the availability of the show is determined by the Organizer.

Ticket attribution

As a rule, on the next working day after the completion of the event, a settlement is made and all sales reports and complete statistics are sent.

Transaction provider

eStage uses Stripe to process purchases and sales attribution. It is necessary for the Organizers to have a Stripe account.


Video screening Sound recording Mixing


eStage has selected partners in the field who can meet any need in a closed or open air venue. In cases where an OB VAN is required for directed TV coverage, further study of the conditions is required and it is important to know the details well in advance.

Is the preparation process difficult?

On the contrary, it is quite easy. You just need to connect to a camera and any RTMP-enabled encoder that sends your live recording to eStage. We provide simple instructions and professional support team if you need help.

Are there any limits I need to know?

No, eStage offers unlimited streaming and bandwidth to any number of viewers, with each show being able to broadcast for up to 12 hours. No charge other than the price list.

Is there anything I need to look out for?

In on demand transmissions, our team will take care of everything. In Live Streaming, however, you need to make sure of the upload speed of your internet connection, which is influenced by many factors. This will surely affect the transmission quality. You will find detailed instructions for all of these issues on the technical specifications page in your account.

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