Set up

How do I design a proper Live Stream?

In the process of live stream as normal, there are no specific limits of image and sound. They can be used from a simple webcam to professional cameras. On this, each production can decide what suits it based on the possibilities that exist. The photography and the sound recording more specifically, are pieces that concern the respective Organizer. EStage can guarantee that whatever it receives as a signal (image and sound), it will be reproduced in the best way for viewers. So when the way the sound and image will be recorded is decided, the part of the transmission comes. This is where eStage puts its “hand” above!

Internet connection

The internet connection of the livestream execution space is the most important and the first parameter that must be taken seriously. The upload speed of the available connection is the one that must first be considered to decide if transmission is possible. Beyond that, the PC that will do the encoding and transmission, must have an exclusive connection via ethernet cable to the network for greater stability.


The transmission concerns the process of converting the audio-video signal into a comprehensible form by the server that we provide to you, so that he can then distribute it to the viewers. In order to do this process, you need to connect the above to an encoder. This can be either software (most of the time) or hardware. In terms of software, the most common encoding program (and not just encoding) is OBS. It is also what we suggest. It runs on a computer (preferably not a laptop due to temperature) and converts the sound and image given to it in a comprehensible format for the server. OBS can also be used as a video mixer if many cameras are available and there is no external device for this function.


After installing the encoding software the eStage team will guide you to configure it properly for the best possible result. If you wish it is possible to visit an eStager who will take over the whole process. The main adjustment that must be made (apart from the connection to the server) is that of the bitrate of the image and the audio transmission. A stream with an upload bitrate of 2000kbps (ie in a connection with a 3Mbps upload) is enough for a 720p video transmission with a satisfactory audio bitrate. Respectively 5000kbps upload bitrate is the maximum bitrate for 1080p image transmission. This of course means that it can be done with a lower bitrate. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” EStage has specialized eStager that are ready to help you get the best possible result!

RMTP server and Stream key

After the settings in the encoding software, the connection with the server that will distribute the material to the viewers remains. This process requires the URL of the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) server and a unique key, the stream key, which will be given to you to identify the streamer. This is the last action required for the set up!

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Organization and Tickets

Each Performance must have an Organizer whose details are listed on the ticket purchased by the visitor.

The Organizer is the legal and tax responsible for the performance of the Performance and the tickets are awarded to him.

Tickets issued through the platform are paid through Stripe and are returned to the organizer a few days after the completion of the settlement by the respective providers (Visa, Mastercard etc).