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On our platform you can watch online performances, enjoy your favorite artists and support their work, interact with comments and evaluate the show, suggest us your ideas.

You can also find free performances, historical art moments, many articles, art news and a blog hosting your own thoughts and opinions.

Discover art production sites and connect with them. eStage is a meeting place for artists, audiences, organizers, art venues. It is a large artistic community that is developing and constantly expanding. Sign up to be a member of our great company

eStage platform


eStage platform is a tool in the hands of artists that gives them the chance to express their artistic concerns , to work with freedom, independence and terms that are fair and transparent.

Created by artists as it is, it gives step and space to artists since they are the essence of our website. Your shows can be hosted either live with the best playback conditions or on demand if you choose to video record your show.

Depending on the art style of the show you can choose or, two spaces that complement each other under a single aesthetic umbrella.

Create an event

Organizers, Producers:
You have the opportunity to organize live events that will be broadcast through eStage just like in the physical space, utilizing the possibilities of digital broadcasting and the global reach of the internet.
Choose the venue you want, exterior or interior and present the spectacle you want live or on demand, based on the perfection of our platform and the extroversion of the community it creates, bringing together artists, production studios, organizers and especially the public

Event Venues


You are given the opportunity to organize events in your venue, that will be broadcast online through our multilevel platform, and to have interaction with art-loving audiences around the world, increasing the scope and range of your artistic activity.

The event either LIVE or ON DEMAND will enable the art-loving public to buy a ticket and enjoy the art that your venue hosts and produces. Become a member of our large community and create with us the artistic environment you desire